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Ebook pre-order - Career Boost: 9 Certification Advantages

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Stand out and excel in any career with certifications.

In a world where employment competitiveness, income growth, challenging business environments, and academic success are all on the rise, certifications offer people optimism. You can get recognized for your specific knowledge or skill set by participating in certification and continuing education programmes. This is a significant benefit when attempting to land particular clients or projects.

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that I am currently working on a Non-fiction ebook titled "Career Boost: 9 Certification Advantages - Stand out and excel in any career with certifications."

Launching soon...

By October 31, 2023, this will be available on Amazon. The one-time discounted price for this eBook is US$ 0.99.

Pre- order your copies right away at the discounted price. Once it is released, an email with details will arrive in your mailbox.

Additionally, you can gift the eBook (Kindle edition) to your well-wishers, clients, family members, co-employees etc.,

Kindly proceed to buy the eBook. You are advised to take screen-shots of the payment process and save them for future reference.


1.Before you check out, make sure you've read the frequently asked questions (FAQs) as well as the disclaimer.
2.If you are giving this Kindle book(s) it as a gift to others, please include all group member's' names and WhatsApp numbers in the optional field "Additional information". 

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Are you ready to elevate your career, stand out in your industry, and demonstrate your expertise? Certifications offer you a powerful way to do just that. In today's competitive world, where everyone is striving for success, certifications provide a beacon of hope. They validate your skills and knowledge in a world where academic achievements and professional success are increasingly crucial. Pre-order this Non-fiction ebook titled "Career Boost: 9 Certification Advantages - Stand out and excel in any career with certifications". Read the following FAQs and Answers before placing order.

1. What is an ebook pre-order?
Customers can pre-order their eBooks far in advance of the publication date.
2. How much does it cost and how can I order it as a gift for someone else?
This ebook's discounted pre-order price is US$ 0.99. After the actual release date, the price can increase. For each extra person you like to send it as a gift, kindly pay US$ 0.99.
3. How to make a gift to multiple persons as a group?
Please increase the total quantity for the group payment at the checkout page in accordance with the total number of participants (including you). Be sure to fill out the additional information area with the names and WhatsApp handles of the other individuals.
4. How can I get more information about this pre-order or updates?
As a primary buyer, you will receive an email upon making the payment. You and the other members of your group will also get a WhatsApp message. We advise you to send an email to the other group members letting them know that you have given them this new eBook as a gift. You are free to post this landing page's link on social media and to share it with them.
5. How can I thank you and send compliments in appreciation for this pre-order and publication of the new ebook?
Use the "Expression of Gratitude" field if you choose. You are free to use any style of writing to convey your gratitude. In order to highlight the opinions of customers like you, I will update it and post it in the testimonials column. Simply observe the model and imitate it in your own way.
6. If I or the other people in my group decide we don't want the eBook, will we get a return of our money?
No. No refunds will be given to anybody.


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Ebook pre-order - Career Boost: 9 Certification Advantages

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